January 15, 2012 | 11:24 am

Go Ahead. Be Unrealistic!

As children we have rich fantasy worlds. We have imaginary friends and special powers.  We are princesses and über-athletes. As we mature, we let go of these unrealistic notions, and we prepare ourselves to face the real world.

What a shame! I am not advocating that we live in fantasy worlds, but we must not loose our ability to dream. How many things have we not pursued because we did not think it was “realistic”? How many times have we settled for less because it was not “realistic” to expect more? No one wants to appear the fool for being unrealistic.

Jesus encourages us to be completely and utterly unrealistic. He was the one who told his disciples that they will do greater works than he had done (John 14:12).  Ok, we are talking about Jesus here. He did some pretty amazing things. How on earth could they expect to do anything greater? Yet this is exactly what Jesus told them to believe and pursue.

One of the modern-day disciples of Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr., had the audacity to be unrealistic. He had a dream that a person no longer would be judged by the color this his or her skin. He had a dream that all people would be treated equally. We remember him because he was unrelenting in pursing an unrealistic dream.

Thank God he did not listen to the many who counseled him to be more realistic. They told him to wait, adjust his goals, be more patient, and understand how long it would take to effect change. But he would not let go of the dream.

As we celebrate MLK day, may it stir within us the ability to dream again.