October 15, 2010 | 09:27 am

Friday – Life Lessons from Miss Kitty


Yesterday’s blog featured my fat cat, Tabitha. Today it is our other rescue cat, Miss Kitty—ok, I admit we’re not the most creative people in naming our pets. She was abused as a kitten, and when we brought her home, she would not allow us to hold or touch her. At first it seemed she would never change. But slowly, year by year, she became friendlier and more trusting. To our surprise, she is now a loving lap cat. It took nearly five years to get there, but she regained her trust in people. It takes time to trust.  There is no shortcut, no magic words. Just the time to trust that things have changed. I wonder if we give people the time to trust, especially when it comes to faith. Some of us have hard very bad experiences with organized religion or have been condemned in the name of God. Yet we still find ourselves searching for a faith we can hold onto, a community of faith we can trust. My little calico cat reminds me that the church should be a safe place for people to search, and we should all be given the time to learn to trust again.