June 22, 2010 | 09:08 am

Tuesday - The Guitar in the Corner

Classical Guitar
I bought a guitar when I moved to New York, and it has been sitting in the corner since then. My bucket list includes learning to play classical guitar, not only because of the beauty of the music, but also for what I might learn about myself along the way. Someday I may actually play it. Until then, it remains a symbol of the power music has in our lives. (Notice how I’ve spun this so my wife doesn’t see this as a needless purchase!) As parents we are particularly attuned to this, which is why we are excited when our children learn an instrument or join a choir. Music resonates within our souls giving voice to a part of us that would otherwise remain silent. It also speaks something into our hearts and minds that cannot be heard in other ways.  A music-less life would be missing something.
In Psalm 100 it says to come into God’s presence singing. It does not say why or what to sing, but it does mean that even our spiritual journey should include music. I have tended to think of music purely in terms of entertainment, but now I’m wondering how what I sing may be subtly shaping me.