June 21, 2010 | 10:11 am

Monday – Retreating from Life


WECC at Warwick Retreat
I just returned from the annual church retreat, which was a great experience. I was thinking about why we call it a retreat, a word usually thought of as very negative. We are taught to always press on and never retreat. After a few days of retreating from the normal pace of life, I am now ok with people retreating. In fact, I think we all need to retreat from time to time. It is about creating space in our lives to relax, take a stroll, think about anything we want (or nothing at all), or lay under a tree. These have become luxuries that many of us think we can’t afford. What I appreciated most about this weekend was the space to be with people without an agenda. There were large swaths of time in which we could sit and chat. I had forgotten how a little time retreating from our routines can renew our spirits and recalibrate our lives. It’s Monday, so charge ahead, press on. But remember, sometimes we need to retreat.