The Reverend Michael S. Bos
Senior Minister

The Reverend Jes Kast
Associate Minister

The Reverend Howard Major, III
Assistant Minister

Roberta Davis
Parish Administrator

Cynthia Powell
Director of Music Ministry

Rebecca Stevens-Walter
Interim Coordinator of Children & Youth Ministries

Michael Hajek

Laila Lamniji

Building Staff

Merle Edward
Miguel Hernandez
Tito Langaigne
Debbie Lee Foon

Ministry of Music

Cynthia Powell
Organist and Choirmaster

Nina Dante, soprano
Emilia Cedriana Donato, soprano
Mary Deyerle Hack, alto
Faye Timmer, alto
Christpher Lyons, tenor
Bradley King, tenor
Malcolm Couden, bass-baritone
James Miller, bass-baritone