January 26, 2015 | 04:31 pm
Posted by Former WECC Minister Rev. Michael Bos

It’s a Snow Day, But Your Homework Is Still Due!

In yesterday’s sermon, we explored the first question Jesus asked his disciples: “What are you looking for?” As it turns out, it’s a question we must all ask and answer. In doing so, we begin to discover the purpose and passion that God has placed within us.

Too many of us cruise through life without a sense of purpose, and because of this, we wake up each morning just trying to survive another day. The bottom line: it’s hard to be happy and fulfilled without a sense of purpose.

To help us get in touch with our purpose and what matters most, I “assigned” homework in the form of two questions:

Question #1: If you were on your deathbed but given the opportunity to do one more thing or have one more experience, what would it be? The answer to this question has a way of cutting through all that clutters our lives to get to what matters most. (For more thoughts on this, see Daniel Haybron’s Happiness: A Very Short Introduction)

Question #2: Put aside your current job title, and ask yourself, “What would your customers and coworkers call your job title if they described it by the impact you have on their lives?” Sometimes we overlook the difference we’re already making, and the purpose we seek is in the midst of what we’re already doing. (This question is courtesy of Chip Conley, the hotelier and innovative leader.)

When we know what matters most, when we know the ways we can positively impact others, we know how to live with purpose.

Do you live with a sense of purpose? A snow day is coming, giving us all time to do our homework. In wrestling with the answers to these questions, we begin to discover how to live with more intentionality toward that which matters most!