June 18, 2014 | 02:26 pm

Just a Little Something

On Sunday I had the opportunity and privilege to preach the message here at West End. I spoke about a disruptive peace that does not always feel comfortable or easy. Today I bring you a quote from a theologian who makes a similar point about hope. Our hope does not make everything lovely. Our hope does not mean things are just or fair or pleasant. Our hope is that in the midst of all the chaos and pain and suffering, we can see a brighter reality ahead. Enjoy this tidbit today from Daniel Migliore:

As the power of God’s promised future, the Spirit awakens hope, yearning, and restlessness for the completion of God’s redemptive work and the establishment of justice and peace throughout the creation. The Spirit sighs in us and in all the creation for God’s coming kingdom. The Spirit keeps hope alive and incites fresh visions of God’s new world. Where there is no vision or hope, no discontent or protest against present injustice and evil, there is assuredly no presence of the Spirit in the biblical understanding of this term. 

- Faith Seeking Understanding: An Introduction to Christian Theology. Eerdmans Publishing Co - A. Kindle Edition.