The Gorsuch Fund

Do you recognize a need in our community and have a dream of how to fill it?
The Gorsuch Fund
An Opportunity to Serve


When Ken Gorsuch retired as pastor of West End Collegiate Church, many members of the congregation pledged to volunteer for community service in his honor. Others contributed to a fund in Ken’s name to enable others to do so. Grants from this fund are available for members of the congregation who have a specific service project in mind and need financial help to carry it out.
In service we demonstrate Christ’s concern for the poor and marginalized. Service provokes awareness of the Spirit, and generates fellowship and a communal sense of mission. Involving church members in service is a means of outreach--it both defines our church’s mission and raises awareness of it. Through alliances with other organizations or through individual projects we reinforce our moderating voice in Christian dialogue for our neighbors to hear.

In honor of Ken’s service to the community and the city, we look primarily for projects with a local focus. However, projects involving the world community will be considered also. Some possible areas: tutoring, recreation, health care, literacy, help with legal forms, transportation.

Applicants must be members of the congregation. We encourage projects involving more than one person.
Projects must have a clear focus. They may be original and individual or involve ongoing programs. If the project includes partnering with another organization, it should be one with whom we share values.
To apply, submit a written application (see application form) to any member of the Gorsuch Fund Committee. This year’s committee consists of Jocelyn Camp, Kim Yancey Moore, and Reverend William H. Critzman. There is no set date for submission—applications may be considered at any time.
Those who receive grants from the fund will present an end-of-project report to the committee and to the congregation.