Application for a Service Project Grant from the Gorsuch Fund

To the applicant: On a separate sheet of paper, please supply the following information and answer the questions as fully as possible. You may answer each question separately, or write your application in essay form, taking the questions in any order, as long as you cover all of them.

  1. Your name (or names, if the project involves more than one member of the congregation.) 2
  2. What is the title of your project? 
  3. Is your project affiliated with an established service organization? If so, name the organization.
  4. Who is the community to be served ?
  5. Define the need for this service. 
  6. What is the goal of the project?
  7. What is your vision for your part in this project?
  8. Do you have any previous experience in this kind of work?
  9. What is the amount of the funds you are requesting?
  10. Exactly how would these funds be used?
  11. Please give the starting and ending dates of your project as specifically as possible.
  12. Are other kinds of church support or non-financial resources needed?
  13. Do you agree to report the results of this project to the congregation and to this committee after its completion?

Please add any additional information that would help the committee to understand your project and your vision.