The Consistory is comprised of five elders, five deacons, and the Senior Minister, and together they form the governing body of West End Collegiate Church (WECC). The elder and deacon members of Consistory are appointed for three-year terms and may serve up to two consecutive terms.

The Consistory oversees the vision, governance, finances, and policies of West End Collegiate Church.  As part of these responsibilities, the elders focus on the spiritual nurture and pastoral care of the community, and the deacons focus on the material needs and financial stewardship of our ministry. Together they plan, work, and pray for WECC to be a place where people can discover a flourishing faith, participate in a caring community, and commit to service that changes lives.

Because WECC is part of The Collegiate Churches of New York, which has four other ministries, the Consistory of WECC meets with the Consistories of Fort Washington Collegiate Church, Middle Collegiate Church, Marble Collegiate Church, and Intersections International.  Together, they form the Consistory of the Collegiate Churches, which oversees the shared ministry and resources of these five ministries.

WECC Members

Andy Bishop, Elder
Allen Blankenship, Deacon
Rich Bohart, Deacon
William H. Critzman, Senior Minister
Madie Ivy Head, Elder
Cambridge Ridley Lynch, Deacon
Narvie Rundlet, Deacon, Chair of Deacons
Christa Scott-Reed, Elder
Andrea Steinkamp, Elder, Chair of Elders & Chair of Consistory
Nathan Stilwell, Elder & Treasurer

Jane Buyers and Susan Xenarios, Representatives on Intersections Board