Beliefs and Values

Core Beliefs


  • God’s work of salvation is about healing and wholeness as our relationships are restored with God, others, and creation.
  • We turn to God to infuse our relationships with love, grace, and forgiveness, forming the foundation of our life together.

Jesus Christ—Making God Known

  • In the person of Jesus, we see the heart of God: God’s deep love for us.
  • By following the way of Jesus, we deepen our relationship to God and to one another.
  • Through the resurrection of Jesus, we discover that we can embrace new life, both now and forever.

The Holy Spirit—God on the Move

  • The Holy Spirit leads us in an evolving experience and understanding of God, continually guiding us in the life-giving practices of Bible study, prayer, worship, and service to others.

The Bible—Our Guide for the Journey with God

  • The Bible is the redemptive history of the people of Israel; a witness to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; and the story of the early church.
  • The Bible gives us the foundation and framework for understanding our faith story and stands as the preeminent guide for the Christian faith and life.

The Church—God Calling Us to Community

  • Though faith is highly individual, we find its fullness when lived in community.
  • God calls us to gather in worship, which is at the heart of God’s communication with us and how we commune with one another as we celebrate our faith.
  • The church exists not only to nurture its members but also to join God’s work in healing a hurting world through acts of justice and compassion.

Other Faiths—God in the World

  • While God’s revelation is contained in the Christian faith, it is not confined to it, and therefore we acknowledge that God’s presence and salvific purposes extend beyond our faith.

Our Doctrinal Heritage—Thinking about God

  • Our denomination, the Reformed Church in America, has a rich doctrinal heritage upon which we continue to build. The Reformed Tradition teaches that we are continuously being reformed according to the Word of God. Therefore, through the perspective of our growing experience and God’s unfolding revelation in history, we are called to use discernment in the application of our heritage. This means we are not only tradition inheritors but also tradition creators.

  • We are now also affiliated with the United Church of Christ (UCC). The UCC traces its history to the Pilgrims in 1620, who were refugees of the European Reformation. They were champions of freedom and democratic governance, and their values exercised tremendous influence on the course of American history and the development of democratic institutions. They also greatly valued education and began some of the finest educational institutions in America, such as Harvard and Yale. In 1957, a mix of the congregations that originated from this history, which included Congregationalist, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Evangelical and Reformed Churches, created the United Church of Christ. This coming together of denominations created a model for an ecumenical approach to ministry and a movement that has been at the forefront for peace and justice in the world.


Core Values & Commitments

  • We strive to follow the way of Christ by choosing love rather than hate, grace rather than judgment, forgiveness rather than retaliation, acceptance rather than intolerance, and hope rather than despair.
  • Our gratitude for the marvelous mosaic of God’s creation leads us to value individuality, respect differences, and encourage creativity and independent thinking. By embracing diversity, we seek to provide the space for thoughtful interpretations of Scripture, open-minded discernment of God’s call, and growing and learning in community.
  • Through God’s love, community becomes a safe place to find guidance, nurture, support and a sense of family. This new family brings together all generations and all stages of life in worship, prayer, study, and service.
  • We stand ready to partner with all who provide relief for those who suffer from poverty, disease, loneliness and oppression, and in doing so, we strive to create lasting change in our social fabric.

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.